Plantation Shutters

Shutters come in a variety of painted and stained colours - available to suit suit every modern Melbourne home, as well as older Melbourne homes. 

The Basswood and Fauxwood Lifestyle Plantation Shutter is designed to fit 
on the inside of your house as an interior window furnishing. 
Basswood shutters 
enhance windows, giving your Whittlesea home a fresh, natural feel.

Fauxwood shutters are suitable for wet and high humidity areas. Fauxwood Plantation Shutters are easily maintained/cleaned and are termite resistant.

Plantation Shutters are also available to suit Bi-Fold Doors, Sliding Doors, and corner or shaped windows.


Plantation shutters can be suited to all sorts of window set ups, including shaped windows. They are extremley modern, durable and versitile.


The hinged shutters themselves are operable like a door, enabling easy access to the windows - this is practical for winding out windows for fresh air or when wanting to do some dusting and cleaning of the window/window ledges. Large width windows will have more panels then smaller width windows, at the time of consultation the options for these panels will be discussed. Length wise, divider rails are required at certain specifications, these can provide quite a pretty look to a long window, and the bonus is the separate operation of the 2 pieces - top slats can be open for light, bottom slats closed for privacy. 


There are various colours available for the plantation shutters, with the most popluar colours being white or shade variations of white - cream, off white. The darker colours can make a bold, elegant impression on suitable rooms. 


Window Cover Solutions installs to the highest of standards. Installation of shutters should be taken slowly and precisely. Window Cover Solutions always allows extra hours for this to perfect the shutter installation process. If a customer is not fully satisfied (which is rare) then we will return promptly to make the neccessary adjustments. Window Cover Solutions installers are extremely clean and vigilent with their cleaning up after the installation. Your rooms will be left exactly as they were prior to installation - except for the addition of beautiful window furnishings!