Pelemts - complete your window furnishings, add insualtion and conceal tracks & brackets!

Padded pelmets can add a whole new look to your Melbourne home, by giving the top of your curtains a more structured and tailored dimension. Pelmets add the finishing touch, concealing tracks and controls. They reduce the light at the top of your curtains/blinds, helping to darken your room. They also assist in insulation, reducing energy consumption. 

We offer Pelmets throughout the Northern suburbs of Donnybrook, Mickleham, Whittlesea, Doreen, Mernda and all throughout Melbourne in a range of colours and styles to match or complement your Roller Blinds, Romans, Panel Glides or Vertical Blinds.

Pelmets finish off your windows and the best part is the added insulation they provide. Choices are endless, from matching your pelmet with your blind furnishing, to a complementry colour, to going way out there with a unique, patterned, eye catching pelmet!!! Pelmets come in standard fabrics or soft furnishing fabrics - which gives literally thousands of choices (probably too many choices!). Pelmets are back in trend, so you better get with it!!

Pelmets are easy to install, quite economic given their stylish appearance & high quality, and can even be added later if you decide you want them at a later date.