Cellular Blinds

Blockout cellular blinds offer total privacy yet when retracted they virtually disappear - giving a clear view to the outside.


Cellular Blinds (Honeycomb Blinds) combine the latest energy saving technology with elegant styles.

Cellular blinds are top performers when it comes to insulation. The unique honeycomb cells create pockets of air which assist in efficient insulation of your home. Single or double cells are available.

Cellular blinds look neat and uniform from the outside and fit snuggly into your window frames. If you have a window where you would like a window furnishing that can virtually disappear then cellular blinds are perfect! The tight fit installation is also means less light coming through and increased insulation. 

A varitey of cell styles amd colours are available to suit all window types and all style homes. Our consultants are well educated on all blind products and can further explain the beneifts cellular blinds can bring to your home.